Wild and Strange

by The Doves

Released 2014
Released 2014
This ol’ world is “Wild and Strange” – the only thing that breaks your heart – in the first of this double-dose of catchy Pop-Rock from The DOVES (please see “More Albums By This Artist” for the second song: “Days are insufficient” to express the entertainment and fascination in “Shut My Mouth”, which chugs along “like a candle burning really slow”).
Enjoy these latest offerings from The DOVES (singer-songwriter/husband and wife team W. Wade and Trena Stooksberry), who once again capture “superior arrangements and perfect harmonies” (German blog “A Few Good Times In My Life”) in these fun-to-listen-to Pop-Rock originals.

“Wild and Strange” has a bouncy, early 60’s flavor; seasoned with a cupful of 80’s-alternative, expressing a yearning for a far-off land; the echo of a tune never quite heard; in this world in which “that small moon coming up is all that doesn’t change.”

“Shut My Mouth” is a good, old-fashioned thumper, with clamorous guitars; a rock-steady rumination on attraction, which “comes on like a suicide’s last kiss.”

Both tunes feature the rhythm section of the renowned Joey Stuckey on bass, and Tim Alexander on drums, in addition to Wade and Trena’s guitars and vocals; and were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Joey’s Shadow Sound Studios.

The DOVES hail from the musical hotbed of Macon, Georgia, which claims: Lena Horne; Little Richard; Otis Redding; James Brown; Capricorn Records; The Allman Brothers; and members of REM among its incredibly rich musical heritage.

The DOVES’ authenticity in blending a wide variety of genres into a unique combination and style that is all their own, with elements of folk, 50s and 60s pop, 70s eclecticism, 80s alt, and you-never-know-what-else; form a body of work that spans a narrative between innocence and experience; profane and sacred; secular and faith. Always from a playful stance born of the conviction that nothing is ever quite what it seems.

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