The DOVES -- "Behind the Shadow" #10 (Alive Day)

(From The DOVES facebook page):  Got a link from our dear friend Joey Stuckey for the “Behind the Shadow” TV show, episode 10, featuring Tom Rule (who is superb!) and us, The DOVES, the opening two acts at the initial “Alive Day” festival held last September in downtown Macon.  “Alive Day” celebrates the day a brain tumor was miraculously removed from an 18-month old Joey.  The operation cost him his sight, but not his vision, or courage, or brilliance, or talent.  Joey is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever encountered, an endless fountain of creativity and energy and wit, and officially “Macon’s Musical Ambassador”.  His comments relative to the Alive Day Festival, starting just after the intro at 0:30, are powerful, moving, and inspirational.  A must see.  As an anticlimax, our segment begins at 12:55.  “Unplugged” versions of “Maybe Tomorrow” and (a segment of) “Why Did You Hurt Me?”

Here’s the studio version of the former:

And the latter:

Much more at our website:


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