"Let Me Go"

(“Let Me Go” soon to be available on the upcoming “By and By” album — Fall 2017):


“Please let me go…”

Release me.  Set me free.  Unshackle me.   Liberate me from your suppression.

“I’m hypnotized, I’m under your control…”

“Please let me go…”

Include me.  I want in.  Take me with you.  I want to join in the journey.

One expression.  Two meanings.

Sitting on the patio of a summer evening, enjoying a lovely beverage.  From far away, the rhythmic throb of live(?) music.  Heavy, pulsing beat.  It is provocative.  We need a song like that… How would it go?  Bom-bom-bom: bah-dah, Bom-bom-bom.

“Please let me go…”

Somewhere in the recording process, “Charlton Heston” showed up to deliver an un-ironic recitation, in the manner of late 60s advertising copy:

Open the gate

Let me run to the infinite horizon

Soaring with eagles through eternal skies 

of beauty, spirit, and truth


Wandering, unconfined

unconstrained by the boundaries and chains

of matter, space, and time


Take the keys and set me free 

Deliver me from this earthly body of death…

(Note:  the photo at the end of the vid is from our photo shoot for the “Macon Music V. III” collection [photo by Tony Banks])