"Maybe Tomorrow"

The DOVES latest single, “Maybe Tomorrow”, has been entrusted to the incomparable Joey Stuckey (Shadow Sound Studios) for his masterful mastering.  Joey has been in Boston this past week, but said he’d jump on it when he got back.  So the vid should be completed in short order, and the tune available through the usual digital suspects, including CD Baby.  Here are a couple of ideas for album covers, resized to fit the 1.4K by 1.4K CDB requirements.  The first is an interestingly distorted, “fun house” image of one of our Cherry Blossom Festival performances.  Very appropriate, as the vid will have a State Fair, Carnival, Midway theme.  The song itself is straightforward Power Pop, at 140 bpm.  It reminds me of the type of tune you would rocket around to on “The Matterhorn” (or “Ski Bob”) ride, while pulling 6 or 7 Gs at about 140 dBs.


The second is a pic from our photo session for the “Macon Music v. III” compilation.  Which, unfortunately, appears to have died on the vine.  At least, we haven’t heard anything in regard its finalization, or the Capital Theater show that was to accompany its release.  I did go to the “Friends of Macon Music” website recently, which has tracks from the compilation available, including a re-mixed and slightly altered version of our “Confession” (scroll down at link for player).  So, we’re still hoping that the album, which was to be available as a download and on vinyl, may still be in the works, as we were truly gratified to have one of our tracks included — and more so that it was one of four that were unanimous selections, according to the project’s director, George Murray.  You can, of course, access the original mix at the "AUDIO" tab; video is a widget on the right side of page.