by The Doves

Released 2015
Released 2015
Join The DOVES for a pulsating 4-minute trip around this world (see video link) – is it, after all, a “Mirage”?
“We now discover that the ostensible constants of physics are, apparently, changing. Scientists conclude that if these constants are indeed changing, it implies that our reality is but a mere ‘shadow’ of a larger reality…”
The DOVES (husband and wife team W. Wade and Trena Stooksberry – vocals and guitars) join together once again with the extraordinary talents of Joey Stuckey (producer, engineer, bass) and Tim Alexander (drums and percussion) in “Mirage”: a galloping tune in which our hopes and dreams “hover… as clear as desire… beneath the watery sky.” Can you see your “shimmering world”?

“Mirage” is another addition to The DOVES growing catalogue of work (the singles “The Fine Line”; “Wild and Strange”; “Shut My Mouth”; and the 6-song EP “Day (One)” – all available by clicking “More Albums By This Artist” on this page) that confirm what Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue remarked on the “Novus Ordo” broadcast of 12/07/14: “they have something unique up their sleeve…”.

Call it “the superior arrangements… and perfect harmonies of the couple” (German blogger Walter H., “A Few Good Times in My Life”); call it

Lush melodies, mystery and simplicity,
the profane and the sacred, driving
acoustic lyricism. The alternative to
the alternative…

Or better yet, simply download the catalog, and decide for yourself.


W. Wade and Trena Stooksberry (The DOVES) hail from beautiful Macon, GA – a town located an hour south of Atlanta, renowned for it amazingly rich musical heritage (Lena Horne, Little Richard, Otis Redding, James Brown, The Allman Brothers and Capricorn Records, Mike Mills and Bill Berry of REM, et. al.), as well as its signature antebellum architecture, which was spared by Sherman during his march to the sea. Wade also claims musical DNA from his childhood in Memphis.

They have taken all these influences, and many more, to forge a sound both immediately familiar, and uniquely their own; spanning a gamut from Classic AOR to Adult Contemporary to New Wave, Blues, British Invasion, Southern Revival – and of course, being Southerners, Spiritual.

The DOVES have been capturing attention and acclaim from radio stations and bloggers both at home and abroad: New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, LA, Seattle, San Francisco; London, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Paris, and elsewhere.

“Mirage” was recorded and mastered at Joey Stuckey’s Shadow Sound Studios, Macon, GA, USA (as were the other songs in The DOVES catalog).

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