(Updated April 2019): With the release of our “By and By” 8-song album (2018), it seems a good time to update our “Press/Reviews” section.  The following is a partial list of radio stations, shows, and blogs that have featured or reviewed The DOVES material (updates to come).  Many appear in our “Facebook Famous” video:   “AudioStyle” with Joey Stuckey (Macon, GA, USA) “Studio 41” (41NBC WMGT ) with Joey Stuckey (3 appearances — Macon, GA, USA) “A Few Good Times in My Life” — Walter Hacklaender (blog — Munich, Germany) BrooklynFM (Wales) Valley FM 89.5/BanksRadioAustralia (Canberra, Australia) -- #8, Spring 2018 ("By and By") Radio Interdual (Monterrey, CA, USA) URock Network (LA, CA, and Philadelphia, PA, USA) Radio Xencus (Ontario, Canada) “The Jim Santora Show” (NJ, USA) RAWDOGGTV (Atlanta, GA, USA) 21st Century Artists (Hollywood, CA, USA) Baie Des Anges Radio (France) “Radio Crystal Blue” with Dan Herman (Tacoma, WA, USA) Flippin Tunes (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) STRUTTER’ZINE/“My Global Mind”/“Cassette Culture” (print mag, international fanzine, website — Holland and USA)  WCPR “The Loop” (Ringgold, GA, USA) RhythmQwest (Miami, FL, USA) WACC Radio (Philadelphia—Atlantic City, USA) Neocanta Radio (Ontario, Canada) Middle Tennessee Music (Nashville, TN, USA) Woody Radio (Norman, OK, USA) WKKC Pirate Radio (Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA) “Music Eye Reviews” (blog — Vilnius, Lithuania) PT’s Roadhouse (British Columbia, Canada) Georgia Music Channel (Georgia, USA) “Voices to Hear” — John Holland (blog — USA) South Waves Radio (Sussex, England) WBPT “The Beat” 88.5 FM (Chattanooga, TN, USA) Variety Indie Music (London, England) Jammerstram (Chicago, IL, USA) “Psychedelic Baby Magazine” (Slovenia) Front Range Radio (Colorado Springs, CO, USA) KAWC (NPR) (Yuma, AZ, USA) KCFV 89.5 “The Wave” (St. Louis, MO, USA) “Hacienda Publishing” — Dr. Miguel Faria (blog —Macon, GA, USA) Indie Stage (USA) “Ice Cream Man Power Pop” with Wayne Lundqvist (Sweden)  “Live4Ever” Music Guide (Leeds, England, and NYC, USA) Ardenn Cafe Internet Radio (France) INDIE 104FM and iRADIO LA (Los Angeles, CA, USA) Georgia Band Book (Georgia, USA) “Behind the Shadow” (with Joey Stuckey, Macon, Georgia, USA) The Lopsided World of Jonathan L (2-time "International Radio Personality of the Year" -- Berlin, Germany; Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Manchester (UK), Phoenix AZ (USA), et. al.) Celtica Radio (Bridgend, Wales, UK) Live From the Rock and Roll Ranch" (Canadensis, Pennsylvania, USA) WDYN (Rochester, NY, USA) -- Dynamic Indie Radio and Dynamic Freeform Radio on Shoutcast Valley FM 89.5/BanksRadioAustralia (Canberra, Australia) Steel Waves Radio (Allentown, PA, USA) Working Brilliantly (Idyllwild, CA, USA)  WMPG -- University of South Maine (Portland, ME, USA) The Starliners Radio Network (The Netherlands) Maelstrom Music PR (Crestline, CA, USA) Somer Valley FM 97.5 (Wales, UK) Independent Radio Trier (Senden, Bavaria, Germany) Music Talkers -- musictalkers.com -- Lancashire, England Eat This! Rock & Metal WebRadio/Blog (Unknown location) Flyah Magazine (Richmond, VA, USA)  SIME TODAY/MIXLR Network (Tacoma, WA, USA)  SDC RadioWorks (Mesa, AZ, USA) Monie's New Music (Memphis, TN, USA) -- #9 week of 4/22/19 ("Indigo") 50djs50states.com (Cleveland, OH, USA) SRL Networks (London, England) WDYN - Dynamic Independent Internet Radio (Rochester, NY, USA) LHMPR Radio (Houston, TX) Sound Machine Radio (Moyock, NC, USA) The Locked And Loaded Radio Show (Dallas, TX, USA)  ”
  Joey Stuckey is one of the brightest lights in the talent-rich area around Macon, GA.  In addition to being a brilliant musical artist in his own right, with a chapter devoted to him in the history of Macon's music "Street Singers, Soul Shakers, Rebels with a Cause", he has been of invaluable assistance to a parade of fledgling recording artists, including The DOVES, in his capacity as owner/producer/engineer at Shadow Sound Studios.  He is also featured as the bassist on all of our "electric" songs, starting with "Erin" and "Everybody's Happy But Me"; "Day", "Angeline", "Wild and Strange", "Shut My Mouth", "Mirage", "The Fine Line", and our latest single, "Why Did You Hurt Me?" Joey gave a nod to The DOVES in an "11th Hour" feature awhile back ("Listen Up to Joey Stuckey"): 11th Hour:  Have you recorded anyone lately, anyone new on the scene? Joey:  Right now I am working (with)... the local group The DOVES.  They are an amazing husband and wife duo and you should check them out live.”

"Listen Up to Joey Stuckey"

  I think my favorite response to “The Day You Were Born” may come from Gerald at RAWDOGGTV, a hip hop site out of Atlanta. He said “…gave your music a listen: RAW AND Unique British Rock Style (Great songs — “The Day You Were Born” could be a hit)”. It’s gratifying that someone would reach out, unsolicited — and definitely across genres — to praise our work, and adroitly nail its essence. As I said on our facebook page: “in an age where streaming sales of your music net you $.01 on Spotify, moral victories are sometimes the only compensation you get — and Gerald’s note is a big boost to us!” TDYWB has also caught the attention of “Psychedelic Baby” magazine, from Slovenia. As well as radio stations from Chicago to Chattanooga to St. Louis to Yuma to Colorado Springs, as well as the UK; joining the list of stations both here and abroad that have featured The DOVES music on their playlists. We appreciate all of them. Links to their websites can be accessed by scrolling down our facebook page.    ” - Gerald - RAWDOGGTV

"RAW and Unique British Rock Style..."

  Walter H. is the author of a marvelous blog from his home base in Munich, Germany.  Here are his remarks in regard to the 6-song EP "Day (One)": Leaving Atlanta, Georgia, southbound towards Savannah you'll pass Macon, the home of the married couple W. Wade and Trena Stooksberry aka The DOVES. They combine many styles from the last 30 years into their songs. The guitars were sometimes twangy but mostly borrowed from the American alternative scene (what's not too bad). The songs are superior(ly) arranged with perfect harmonies of the couple. Most songs were lead by a forward driven guitar and I can hear some New Wave influences, as in "Some More Than Others" (which starts with Blondie's riff from "Call Me"). All in all a band their further output will be in my focus. We continue to be in touch with Walter, and have shared our more recent work with him.  It has been received favorably, and he has informed us that The DOVES will be the subject of another feature, soon.  Please click on the "AUDIO" tab to access the tracks to "Day (One)" in their entirety.  Videos are available at the "VIDEO" tab, or clickable by name on our homepage.” - Walter H.

"A Few Good Times in My Life"

  Dan Herman's "Radio Crystal Blue" broadcasts are some of the best hours of musical entertainment on the internet.  They are wide ranging in featuring both new material and classics from every genre, many of which are of the "buried treasure" variety.  Dan featured The DOVES on December 7 ("a day that will live in infamy") of 2014 -- not long after he moved his operation from NYC to Seattle -- as part of his "Novus Ordo" segment.  Our 9-minute segment (songs:  "Everybody's Happy But Me", "Wild and Strange") starts around the 14:40 mark.   In Dan's words -- and one of our favorite, most encompassing descriptions of us -- "The DOVES have something rather unique up their sleeve".” - Dan Herman

"Radio Crystal Blue"

  From “21st Century Artists” website and internet radio: Mirage"/"The Fine Line" by The DOVES contains deep and lush melodies that echoes some elements of The Beatles but this band has its own unique sound that is hot!   “Mirage” and “Wild And Strange” were our favorite tracks from a fine album… The DOVES have been added to 21stCenturyArtists.com internet airplay radio… Welcome to Hollywood!      ”

21st Century Artists

  Studio 41 is the brainchild of the incomparable Joey Stuckey.  You can find out more about Joey in the first entry on this page, an “11th Hour” piece called “Listen Up With Joey Stuckey”. Joey has used Studio 41 as a platform to showcase local musicians since 2013.  The show appears regularly as part of the “Daybreak” program on WGMT NBC41 in Macon.  Joey is also the unofficial “third DOVE”; his rock-solid bass work graces every recording we’ve made that has bass on it.  You can check out his website, and his work, by clicking on his name, above.  He truly is a “musician’s musician”.    The DOVES have made three appearances on Studio 41. Here is our first, from Feb. 13, 2013.  We performed the song “Out of the Wood”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J93tHOt8ZhA  We returned at Christmastime of that year to perform “Little Drummer Boy”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4XKko_zvyg  And finally, we appeared to promote the release of our 6-song EP, “Day (One)”, on April 14, 2014.  We performed “Angeline”, from that EP:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEgCyTF9_uE” - Host -- Joey Stuckey

WMGT NBC41 -- "Studio 41"

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