From the recording Badger/The Sign on the Wall

“Badger”/“The Sign on the Wall” is a suite in three movements — a ‘Mini Rock Opera’ inspired by Blake’s “The Proverbs of Hell”; takes a political turn in the middle; and finishes with a theological observation inspired by John Stuart Mill (Download "Badger/The Sign on the Wall from CD Baby, here:
(also all the usual outlets and streaming services — iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.).


Back in the olden days, when Trena and I were in the midst of a nascent Alternative scene in the radically idiosyncratic musical hotbed of mighty Maconga (Macon, GA), there was an accompanying 60s revival/resurgence that neatly dovetailed with that scene — the first real wave of retro-60s flower power and psychedelia, expressed in tie-dyed shirts, sold out Grateful Dead shows, and a fashionable affinity for the hippy-trippy dance jams of their admirers and emulators